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September 28, 2014

Living in cloud

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I am getting used to the life of being in “cloud”. This leaves me no time to clean up my mess house.
Eventually I had been working very hard all the morning, cleaning my little home. Next, packing form my next trip!

August 19, 2008

Frustrated PM

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It’s frustrated to be a PM for me.

More responsibilities and works but no more pays.

Too many things to learn, too many job to be done, it’s too much for me for now.

I reckon.

The client is not easy to communicate.

Wish we can close this project soon and close the role of PM for me

July 7, 2008


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It’s not very comfortable that they were trying to fit me into somewhere I could at this company. I knew it’s dilemma for them to keep me at this company. I appreciated what they have been trying for me.

Heard that they lay off chip-sales department few month ago, and J is worrying I might be the next, so J & M are trying to find something for me. Well, I do not like such kind of feelings.

M told me I do not have to worry too much as this project needs me. If they made such kind unwise decision, he would be outrage for it. It’s so sweet to say that.

June 14, 2008

Cache #3: Jump off

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Cache #3 Jump off!It’s very wet when I woke up this morning. I decided to get up and go geocaching without GPSr again.

HuaShan park was my target. Walking along King-Shan South Road, I arrived HuaShan park around 7:00AM. Very quite at that moment. Only one muggle was sweeping the leaves.

I have been this park with my sister few years ago. I did not know this park if my sister did not tell me. I did not know the cache hidden here if I did not look at Geocaching site.

There are some old buildings and old trees. Walking around this erea, I could feel they were telling their stories, but I knew very little about them.

Well, the main reason here was to find the cache. Following the discription, I found the cache eventually. Hooray~ 🙂

While opening this cache, I found there was a Geocaching note written in simplified Chinese. Well, well, well, is it a plot from mainland China? 😛

June 7, 2008

2nd Cache

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Cache #2: Tribute

After finding the first cache, I decided to hunt the second. It’s located in National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall (rename form “The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall”)

Following the description, I found the location but no sign of cache. I did not want to give up at all. Then, I found it.

After following the coordinates, look for a small open space between some trees, where you will find several large, rough stone steps that lead partway up a small hill. The cache is well hidden among the rocks.

It’s quite small container if comparing with the one in Daan Park. Three fury-bird toy, a pin and log in side.

I so very happy to find two caches in a row, and it must be my lucky day today.

1st cache

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Cache #1: Ta-an Forest

Daan park covers a total of 259,293 square meters in area and it is Taipei’s largest park and is the core of the city. Construction of the park was begun in 1985 in response to ever-increasing urban development. The park was finally completed and opened to the public at March 29, 1994.

I am very familiar with this park since it has been my neighborhood for years. If I did not visit Geocaching.com, I would never know there was a treasure nearly by. I do not have GPSr but I still want to hunt the cache.

Finding out the information from Geocaching.com and Google Earth, I felt comfortable to go geocaching.

Since it is a very busy park, so I decided to got up very early this morning. It’s raining this morning; I thought there might be not many people in the park. However, I was totally wrong. 

Start from the west entrance, conjunction of Xinshen and JingHwa street, where is enclosed by by tall, flourishing trees, orderly shrubs were arranged at the edges of the sidewalks, and the entrance plazas were decorated by bright, attractive flowers.

Reading the details provided by cache owner, I got the hunch when I saw a twisted tree on the side of running path. But there were so many runners, walkers, joggers on the path. Waiting and pretending walking along the path was the best thing to do. I got the chance to grab the cache about ten minutes later. What an exciting thing to open the cache.

Three fury toys, few pins, magnets, a travel bug wants to travel cache to cache, a pen, two logs and etc. It’s my very first cache found. Hooray~

Well, if you are interested in visiting this park, here is some information for you:
Buses: XinYi main line, 22, 20 (get off from XinYi XinSheng); 642, 643, 280, 290, 505 (get off from XinShen JingHwa)

Useful link:
Daan Park

June 6, 2008

Go Geocaching

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I don’t know how to descript that feeling of treasures hunting. It has been my day dream to find something while adventuring. However, it seems to become real for treasure hunting. Goecahing makes my dream come true.

I am so excited to explore places where caches might be hidden although it was in vain as I do not have any GPSr. I know I past by the one hidden near Taipei 101, and one on the side of running path in Daan Park on the way home after work. I realised there are two caches in Puli, my home town while hunting on Geocashing site.

Weekend is coming, and I am going geocahing by mean of Google Earth.

Good luck~

P.S. I will get a GPSr one day.

May 25, 2008

Spring in Yangmingshan

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I printed out the information of Er-zi-Ping on Friday, and planed to get up early and came back before noon. However, slept late last night, and slept over this morning

I insisted to pay a visit to  Er-zi-Ping, no matter how hot it was.

Took on MRT to Peitou, then took S9 to Er-Zi-Ping.

It’s said it is a 5-star trail, and it is not a rumour. The wheelchairs, baby chair can be easily access this trail.

It’s also famous as “Butterfly Corridor”, unluckily, I did not see many. Maybe the tourists made them stop party, maybe I was too late.

Well… the view was very good here, and May is out.


I did not plan to Xiao-You-Ken on the way back to Taipei. My happy feet wanted to play whiel the bus called at Xiao-You-Ken.

As my wish, have a look.

 The Walking Area lies in the northern saddle of Chihsing Mountain. It is one of the park’s major geological scenic sites. Strongly acidic hot springs and sulfur gas rising through the Hsiaoyukeng fault have eroded the extrusive rock and caused it to turn crumbly and collapse, resulting in the unique landscape today. What a magic place!

A rain-shower with breeze cooled down a bit. Getting late, I had to go home. It’s time to say good bye.

Bus Info:
Yangmingshan: No. 260, 303, S9, R5
Er-Zi-Ping -> Xiaoyukeng: 108 (run in Yangmingshan only)

May 24, 2008

Early Bird to Taipei Botanical Garden

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“It’s about time to visit water lily in Taipei Botanical garden.” I told myself yesterday, then I decided to be an early bird today.

I was up about 6:00 in the morning, and took Bus 204 to get there. Indeed, I was a not-early-enough-bird comparing with those people in the garden.

It’s quite busy in the morning. The followers are waking up, and people are doing their exercise and activities.

Unfortunately, the season of water lily seems not start yet. Well, never mind, I could find something interest in this 8-Hectare garden.

Firstly, I have to see Taiwan Bu-Cheng-Shih-Szyamen. It’s one of primary Historical Heritages, which was dated to 15th year of Quangxu, Qing Dynasty, for the administration and financial department. Initially it was located in Zhongshan Hall which was the Governor-General’s office. However, after the new Governor-General’s Office (today’s Presidential Building, a half KM away from Botanical Garden) was built, the Japanese governor wanted to build Kunghuai Tang on the original police station.

I do not have enough knowledge to tell you the architecture for Taiwan Bu-Cheng-Shih-Szyamen, but I do like this ancient style building.

Next, I want you to image some plants in the zoo. Is it hard? Well, there are many plant names are related to the Chinese Twelve Zodiac. For example, Salvia -> mouse, Petunia->Ox. That is the Chinese Zodiac Plants Garden, where the plants’ names represent to the Twelve Branches. I did not take any photo here, due to the followers were not great. 😛

↘The map of Botanical Garden

The website of Botanical Garden

How to get there by bus
242,624,907,HePing Main Line

May 8, 2008

2008 spring tour to Japan –Awesome Blossom

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Spring is a season of happiness, not only in Japan. I picked a late spring season to visit Japanese Awesome Blossom.

Druing this fantistic five-day, I saw three different themes of blossoms, and they made this trip more colorful.

Followings are the summary of flower I saw in Japan this time.
Phlox subulata
I thought it was a kind of Primrose initially, but accidently I discovered that her name actually is call Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox or Moss Phlox). The name does not sound as beautiful as she looks.

Phlox subulata is known as an early Spring-flowering perennial that forms an evergreen, creeping, slow-growing, non-traditional groundcover, often used as an edging perennial, wall cascader, or rock garden rambler.

Azalea, the flower of Taipei city. It’s no need to descript it in further as they are seen everywhere in Taiwan. However, I feel proud that I have seen 650 years and 800 years old Azalea in Tatebayashi, Gumma, where is famous for its Azalea Hill Park, Tsutsuji-ga-oka. It’s charm.

Azaleas are flowering shrubs making up part of the genus Rhododendron. Originally azaleas were classed as a different genus of plant, but now they are recognised as two of the eight sub-genera of rhododendrons – subgenus Pentanthera (deciduous), and subgenus Titsushi

It’s worth visiting Asikaga flower park in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture. Ashikaga Flower Park features lots of blue, white and pink Wisteria, as well as yellow laburnum (Japanese: kingusari) that look like yellow colored Wisteria. One large Wisteria tree is 140 years old and its branches are supported to create a huge umbrella of blue Wisteria flowers. There is also a long tunnel of white Wisteria flowers, while a tunnel of yellow kingusari needs a few more years to become an actual tunnel. Yae-fuji, a variety with more than the usual number of petals, can also be viewed.

Wisteria is a genus of about ten species of woody climbing vines native to the eastern United States and the East Asian states of China, Korea, and Japan. Aquarists refer to the species Hygrophila difformis, in the genus Hygrophila, as water Wisteria.

Wisteria vines climb by twining their stems either clockwise or counter-clockwise round any available support. They can climb as high as 20 m above ground and spread out 10 m laterally. The world’s largest known Wisteria vine is located in Sierra Madre, California, measuring more than an acre in size and weighing 250 tons.

I love snowdrop at the first sight when I lived in the UK. White, bright and pure. Early spring flower in my memory.

The common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) is the best-known representative of a small genus of about 20 species in the family Amaryllidaceae that are among the first bulbs to bloom in spring.

Snowdrops should not be confused with their relatives snowflakes, Leucojum species; leucojums are much larger and flower in spring (or early summer, depending on the species), with all six petals in the flower the same size, though it should be noted that some “poculiform” (slipper-shaped) Galanthus can have inner segments similar in length to the outer ones.

Others like Daffodil, tulips, and other unknown flowers:

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